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Jim Hooper - Author and Photojournalist - About the Author


After graduating from the University of South Florida, Jim Hooper worked as a documentary research-writer for WFLA-TV in Tampa, with weekends set aside as a skydiving team captain and instructor. He gave up television to devote himself full time to jumping out of airplanes, logging over 3500 freefalls and building the world's premier skydiving center in Zephyrhills, Florida. His thirst for adventure unfulfilled, he sold the business in 1984 to realize a long-held dream of being a war correspondent and author.

Within two years, his byline was appearing in publications ranging from The Daily Telegraph of London to Jane's Intelligence Review. Following publication of Koevoet and its American edition, Beneath the Visiting Moon, he collaborated on Flashpoint - At the Frontline of Today's Wars and was a principal contributor to the best-selling World's Most Dangerous Places, and its companion, Hotspots. The only journalist to accompany the mercenaries of Executive Outcomes on operations, Hooper recorded their campaigns in his book Bloodsong. The Balkan wars of the 1990s found him crossing back and forth between the Croatian, Serbian and Muslim frontlines in search of stories, the most memorable when he was captured by Muslim extremists in central Bosnia.

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